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Anna Heslop


Anna has a broad range of experience over the past 18 years as a Physiotherapist.  She has worked mainly in sports-focused private practices, and has completed her APPI Pilates certification.

As a long distance runner, recreational triathlete, and yoga lover, she loves helping athletes (and weekend warriors) improve their technique, fix niggly issues before they grow bigger, and of course rehabilitating sports injuries.

Anna keeps busy as she juggles four gorgeous children alongside work and staying fit.  Her experiences during those four pregnancies and as a mother have led her to an interest in injuries that affect women around their childbearing years: sacro-iliac and pelvic pain, lower back pain and pelvic floor issues.

Anna also has loved being able to help her clients with neck pain, headaches and migraines, and is looking forward to doing her level 2 Watson Headache Approach training soon.

Anna loves having long appointments to be thorough, so she can use all her experience to discover the root causes of your issues, and take time to listen to your story, as well as treating your symptoms.

Anna also runs many of our Duo sessions, using pilates reformers and individualised exercises to target and retrain movement patterns in comfortable, safe ways.  

These sessions are a great stepping stone towards Core & Restore or Posture Plus classes.