Dancing & Pre - Pointe Screenings

. . . A dancing screening uses simple tests, exercises and ballet movements to assess a dancer's technique, areas of good control or weakness.  

If testing shows up issues, dancers are given exercises to improve these, before safely progressing to pointe work.

A Pre-pointe Screening:

>     Reduces risk of future ankle & foot injuries

>     Assesses if the dancer is ready to progress to pointe work

>     Teaches dancers exercises to master muscle control to avoid

        overloading other muscles and joints

>      Focuses on ankle control & turnout technique as these are two

        key areas for dancers, and weakness in these areas commonly

        leads to injuries

What to Expect:

>     Questions about your concerns, past injuries, dancing load or     

        technique issues your teacher has mentioned to you

>     Simple tests, exercises and ballet movements to assess your

        technique, areas of good control or weakness, as well as stiffness

         or hypermobility.

>      If we find areas of weakness that could put you at risk of injury,

         we'll set you some exercises to practice, then touch base 2-3

         weeks later to check that you've improved.

>     Then we either progress them to a more difficult version to , or do

          a short consult just to double check and send you on to safely

          start pointe work!

>      Please note if you have a current injury that needs physio

          treatment, this will require a separate session.

>       We ask that a parent or guardian be present for people under the

          age of 18.

>       With your consent, we contact your dancing teacher with a brief

         note to say what issues we've discovered and been working on.            

         This allows them to keep an eye out and cue the same things to

          help you improve during dance lessons.

What to Wear:

Please wear leggings and a tight top, and your dance shoes to allow

your physio to easily see your lower back, hips, knees and ankles.

If you already have pointe shoes, please bring them along

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