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Grace Robertson


Grace is a bubbly and warm physio who has worked for the past 9 years in private physio practices helping people return to comfortable movement, by finding and treating not only the symptoms, but also their underlying cause. She listens well to her clients' stories, because she knows that her clients often give us the hint for where to start hunting to find "the driver".

Grace has a broad range of knowledge and skills, and uses her skills in dry needling and pilates to help relieve a wide range of muscular pains, especially around the glutes and pelvis.

Grace has an interest in sacro-iliac issues and pelvic floor, which are common during and after pregnancy, and can use real time ultrasound to help assess and retrain pelvic region floor muscles we call these our "Core and Floor Appointments".

Grace loves using ConnectTherapy techniques to assess how your whole body fits and moves together, from  thoracic rings, to hip, pelvis, knee and foot.  She has lots of weird and wonderful tricks, and together with Karrie, will often describe your issues in terms of "victims" (the sore bit) and "the driver" (the underlying issue or movement strategy that overloads it)   Just watch her eyes light up when she finds your "driver"!

Grace has also worked with clients who have vestibular disorders, helping them to overcome dizziness and retrain their balance.

Grace grew up in Fremantle, Western Australia. She is an active person and enjoys swimming, yoga, cycling, gym sessions, and bushwalking.

In her spare time Grace loves camping and travelling, but in recent years, her favourite is hanging out with her two precious little daughters who are just growing up too fast!