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Karrie Malan


Karrie is a dynamic physiotherapist with a real passion for empowering people to move freely, feel better, and understand their own bodies.  With 14 years experience in private practice, she particularly enjoys:

>  Neck & shoulder pain

>  Headaches & posture related niggles

>  Running & dancing injuries

>  Back and hip pain

>  Pilates & exercises for addressing               

     muscle imbalances

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Grace Robertson Physiotherapist

Grace is a bubbly physio who has worked for the past 10 years in private physiotherapy practices helping people return to comfortable movement, by finding and treating not only the symptoms, but also their underlying cause.

>  Pelvis and SIJ pain

>  Pregnancy issues

>  Whole body approach using

    ConnectTherapy techniques

>  Core & Floor Appointments with

    real time ultrasound

>  Vestibular, dizziness and balance


>  TMJ and jaw issues

>  Thoracic & rib cage pain

>  Dry Needling

>  Pilates & exercise rehabilitation

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Maia Dell


Maia has 23 years of experience working as a physiotherapist with a broad range of experience ranging from acute injuries to chronic arthritic conditions, and pre-and post-operative rehabilitation.

>  Headaches & migraines

>  Neck pain

>  Watson Headache Approach

     Level 2 Practitioner

>  Lower back pain

>  Hand, wrist & elbow injuries

>  Foot & ankle issues

>  Pilates for improving core control

>  Dry needling

>  Arthritic issues & Anklyosing


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Sally Whitton

Massage Therapist

Sally's hands somehow seem to find all the tight knots and muscles, and gradually release them until movement feels free and easier!  Sally's warm nature, and strong hands ensure her massages are both relaxing and effective.  

Sally holds a diploma of remedial massage to allow private health rebates.  She is also trained in pregnancy massage and cupping, and has done lots of extra training over the years, so has soem nice fancy tricks up her sleeve.

Sally works Wednesdays, Fridays and some Saturday mornings.

Our Team

FLEX Physiotherapists

All of our Physios are:

>  Qualified APA Physiotherapists

>  We are all committed not just to offering

     symptomatic relief, but also to

     solving the underlying problem

>  Continually learning and staying up to

     date with regular professional

     development courses (well in excess of

     registration guidelines.)

>  Committed to clear and timely

     communication with GPs & other health

     professionals for your optimal care

>  We are trained in APPI Clinical Pilates

>  We are trained in dry needling, a gentle

     form of acupuncture to release tight

     muscles and fascial layers.

Anna Heslop


Anna has a broad range of experience over the past 19 years as a Physiotherapist.  She has worked mainly in sports-focused private practices, and loves helping her clients move more freely. Anna has 4 kids, so knows all about the juggling act of family life with running, yoga, sports and fitness!

>  Neck pain and headaches

>  Watson Headache Approach level 1

>  Pregnancy related issues

>  Sacro-iliac, pelvic pain

>  Lower back pain

>  Reformer duo sessions

>  Sports and running injuries

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Stu Nolan


We welcome Stu to our team at FLEX - what an asset with his 23 years of experience, and warm, gentle vibe.

>  Sports Injuries

>  Knees & Ankles

>  Shoulder assessment and rehab

>  Lower back pain and niggles

>  Pre and Post Op rehabilitation

>  Arthritic wear and tear issues

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Charlotte Blake


Charlotte is a warm and bubbly physio who has a real passion for helping her clients understand their bodies.  As a pilates instructor she often uses exercises to help retrain movement patterns and  strengthen.

>  Clinical Pilates, including reformer work

>  Shoulder, hand and wrist injuries

>  Cancer rehabilitation

>  Pre and Post Op rehabilitation

>  Lower back pain and core retraining

>  Knee and ankle pain

>  Sports Injuries

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Morgan North

Personal Trainer

Morgan is passionate about helping people move freely, and feel fitter, stronger, less stressed and more energised!

Morgan is studying Exercise Physiology part time whilst juggling PT work, family life with 4 beautiful kids, her own fitness, and everything else in life!  

She's worked for 3 years as a personal trainer at various gyms around Hobart CBD and Kingston, offerring 1:1 PT sessions, small group training, pump and spin classes.  

She has a particular interest in womens health through all seasons of life; pregnancy, post-partum and in the middle, silver and golden years.  She's enjoyed completing the "Body Beyond Baby" training ocurse, and Nadia Norman's "Female Health and Performance" ongoing education.  It's really helped her adapt and modify her PT sessions to suit and safely challenge the female body.  

Morgan loves running, strength training and pilates reformer work, and originally came to FLEX as a client.  Our philiosphies matched, so it was a natural fit to ask her to join the FLEX team.

We're really excited to offer fun, engaging and motivating PT sessions to our FLEX clients, with options to include pilates mat and reformer exercsises, weights, spin bikes, treadmill, ergo, rehab exercises and functional strengthening.

Morgan works Mondays (early mornings and evenings), Wednesdays (lunchtime slot), and Saturday mornings.

We encourage people to book a regular weekly slot to help build a sustainable routine and see the best benefits.

Exercise really is medicine for both the body and mind!