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Quality Time

Taking time to listen and do our job thoroughly is important to us. We set aside 30min and 45min Physio appointments for thorough assessment and treatment consults.

This way we have time to restore movement and relieve symptoms, but also to search for and treat the underlying causes of your issues.

Understand & Improve

Your Own Body

We want to empower you to understand your own body so you can help yourself as much as possible.

Our aim is for you to feel better as soon as possible, whilst seeing us as little as possible.

Holistic, Personalised Care & Attention

We treat holistically, considering how your lifestyle, habits, stressors and goals may affect your body.

We are a small business where each client is important to us, and given individualised treatment.

We value close communication with other health professionals, GPs, specialists and referrers, and with your consent, will send a brief physio update to them.

If you are impressed by the care you receive at FLEX, please spread the word, we really appreciate it when our clients tell their families, friends and colleagues.

Active Rehabilitation

We encourage you to take an active role in your own rehabilitation.

Our physios set exercises to relieve symptoms and address the underlying cause of your issues:  to restore flexibility, control or strength to an area, improve your posture, biomechanics, or whatever is relevant to your specific injury.

We also offer closely supervised Physio Supervised Exercise RehabilitationClasses which are a great way for us to give you feedback and help you stay motivated and challenged with a variety of exercises that target your issues.

Effective Hands On Therapy

Our physios specialise in a wide variety of manual therapy techniques to help restore movement and relieve symptoms.

Up To Date Physiotherapists

All our physios are APA members, and attend regular professional development workshops and conferences.

We work as a team together with regular, clear communication and 'team thinking' between our therapists to offer you optimal care utilising the best of our combined knowledge and skills.

We are committed to staying on the forefront of research and spend time every week learning from each other and staying up to date with evolving research.  

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At FLEX Our Physios:

> Restore movement & relieve

   symptoms using a wide range hands on


> Diagnose & treat both your symptoms

   and their underlying causes

> Empower you to understand your own

    body so you can help manage your own


>  Think and treat holistically

>  Offer affordable pricing

>  30min & 45min physio consults

>  We work as a team, utilising the best of

    our combined expertise, knowledge,

     & skills.

>  Our aim is for you to feel better as soon

    as possible, whilst seeing us as little as


FLEX Headache Clinic

Do you know someone who suffers headaches or migraines?

Using very precise techniques to assess the upper cervical spine, Physiotherapists Maia Dell and Karrie Malan can assess if these levels are contributing to the patient's headaches or migraines, or not.

During an Initial Headache Consultation (45mins) at FLEX, we can assess if this approach is appropriate and will be effective.

Please veiw more information from a computer based search instead of your mobile to get maximum information.

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