Knee - Patellofemoral Knee Pain

Do you get pain at knee pain when runnning, jumping, squatting or going down stairs?

Patellofemoral pain is one of the most common causes of knee pain, and it often occurs alongside other knee injuries.

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Shoulder Impingement Pain

Is your shoulder sore when you raise it overhead?

Does your shoulder or upper arm become achy after use?

Have you been told you have bursitis?

There are so many possible reasons, this is just one of the common shoulder conditions our physiotherapists can treat.

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Healthy Eating Tips & Tricks

Are you trying to eat healthily but confused or overwhelmed by where to start and all the conflicting information and diets?

Want some helpful and empowering suggestions and resources to help you stay on track?

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This information is meant as a resource for our clients, and to help give injury information to patients of our referring GPs.  

It is not meant for self diagnosis or to replace a thorough assessment and treatment by your physiotherapist or other health professional.

Pain Sensitivity - Central Sensitisation 101

Are your pain and symptoms spreading?  

Does your body seem hyppersensitive to pain?

Are you struggling to sleep, worried about your pain, or have developed chronic pain?

We hope this is over simplified introduction to a very complex topic is helpful for you or your clients.

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Lower Back Pain - Discal

Sitting all day at work and getting achy and sore?

Central lower back pain after bending and lifting?

Our backs are made for moving, but desk based work or heavy manual work that requires repetitive bending and twisting puts extra stress and strain on our lower backs.

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Heel Pain & Plantarfasciitis

Do you have pain in your heel with weightbearing and walking?

Is it worst first thing in the morning?

Plantarfasciitis is a common condition causing heel pain, but is only one of many possible diagnoses. Please see a physio for a thorough assessment.

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Lower Back Pain - Facet Joints

One sided lower back pain that seems to pinch or feel stiff when you lean backwards?

Often there are muscle imbalances or assymmetrical tasks that place more load on one side of our lower back.

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Do you get pain shooting into your buttock or leg?

Or a dull ache that's driving you crazy?

Physiotherapy can help with many cases of sciatica.

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Ankle Sprains

Sprained your ankle recently playing sport?

Or have a wobbly, unstable ankle from an injury long ago?

Our physiotherapists can assess and treat your ankle to help you return to sport as soon and safely as possible.

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Knee - Meniscal Injuries

Our physiotherapists can assess and treat your knee, giving you advice and exercises to help you return to sport as soon as possible.

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Sacro-Iliac Joint Pain

Are you suffering from sharp catching type pains with weightbearing or bending forwards during your pregnancy?

Do you feel achy after prolonged standing or walking?

This is common during the second half of pregnancy, but that doesn't mean you need to put up with it.  We can help.

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Shin Splints & Shin Pain

Do you get shin pain during or after running?

Is shin pain limiting how often or how far you run?

FLEX Running Screenings allow a thorough biomechanical assessment to see what may be contributing.

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Guidelines for basic soft tissue injury management, especially for the first 3 days after an acute injury.

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Knee - ITB Friction Sydrome

Are you training for the Point to Pinnacle?

Do you get pain on the outer side of your knee with hill running?

Been using a foam roller for release with little long term gain?

Please see a physio for a thorough knee diagnosis, so they can assess and treat the muscle imbalances causing your pain, as well as unloading the knee for symptomatic management.

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Knee - ACL Injuries & Rehabilitation

Many have heard of ACL injuries in relation to AFL, netball or skiiing.  But what happens if it's you?

Thorough physio rehabilitation with graduated strengthening, control and agility exercises is important for returning to sport safely.

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Do you suffer from stress or tension related headaches?

Notice that your headaches come on at the end of a long day at work? Do you also notice neck discomfort or stiffness?

The good news is that our physiotherapists can help!

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Pelvic Floor

What is your pelvic floor?

What can you do if you suspect you have pelvic floor issues?

Pelvic Floor Screening Tools for women and men

Core & Floor Screenings with Grace Robertson

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Pregnancy - Body Back on Track After Baby

Abs of steel?  Well not quite yet hey?

Safe, practical advice for the first few months after birth.

>  Core & Floor Appointments

>  The Importance of Pelvic Floor

>  The First Month after Caesar

>  Pregnancy & Post Natal Care at FLEX

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