. . . For most of us, no one teaches us how to run.  We assume that it's just easy and natural.  For some lucky people, their natural biomechanics, body shape, balance of muscles and natural style make it easy to be light, bouncy and a "natural runner", but for most of us, there are several things we can work on and improve to make running easier, faster, and less likely to end in injuries.  Just like in any sport, nautral ability or fitness will get you soem of the way, but training, understanding technique and creating a "game plan" make a huge difference.

As part of a running screening at FLEX, we do some tests, take a little videoclip, explain what we discover, and set you exercises to address the weakness, tightness or technique issues that are slowing you down, or causing you problems.

We can email you a copy of your running videoclip.  Many clients do  both a "before" and "after" videoclip, and are impressed and proud of they improvement they see, as well as how much easier their running feels.

Please wear tight running clothes, and bring your running shoes to your appointment! (If you have an old and new pair, please bring them both along!)

Running Screenings