Core & Floor Appointments

FLEX now has a fancy new real time ultrasound machine.  Using real time ultrasound on your lower tummy, our physios can check how you’re going with core and pelvic floor muscles, and show you how to use them correctly if you’re not sure.

Research shows that weakness, late activation or overactivity in these muscles is commonly associated with lower back pain, as well as during and after pregnancy.  And it's not just the women that benefit, read on men!

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Running Screenings

Want to run better? Faster? More efficiently? Get injured less often?

New to running and nervous about how to start?

Getting confused by all the conflicting advice on blogs and fitness magazines?  

Using a combination of tests and videoanalysis of your running style, our physiotherapists can assess if there are aspects of your natural running style that may contribute to injuries, or could be improved to optimise your running speed and efficiency.

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Dancing Screenings

85% of ballet injuries can be linked to poor technique, so why not

screen dancers for potential injury risk, and improve this to not only reduce injury risk, but improve performance?

Karrie Malan is a physiotherapist with experience and training in dance specific injuries and technique modification.

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Postural Assessments

Do you suffer from recurring niggles, stiffness, or headaches?

Notice you're getting stiff and achy by the end of the day?

Are you uncomfortable sitting or standing for long periods?

Book in for a postural assessment and find out if your posture is contributing to your problems, and what you can do about it!

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Screenings & Assessments

Pilates Screenings

All our clients require a Pilates Screening appointment before

joining our classes to allow one of our physiotherapists to assess your ability level, strengths, weaknesses and goals.

This allows us to set exercises at the right level to challenge you safely and target the areas you want to improve.

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Balance & Vestibular Screenings

Do you or someone you know experience dizzy spells?

Feel less confident or unsteady on your feet?

Do you sometimes feel like the world is spinning when you

move our head in a certain direction or get out of bed?

These types of symptoms can be unnerving, and a bit scary.

The good news is there are many possible reasons for this,

and many of these can be helped with physiotherapy.

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