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Emma is a highly experienced lymphoedema and oncology physio who recently returned to Hobart. Emma works Tuesdays and Wednesdays at FLEX.

Michiel Van Straten


She really enjoys using targeted exercise based rehabilitation and pilates exercises to address and solve movement or pain problems.

Cathy loves helping clients understand and unravel their issues, and help coach them to take charge of their next steps.

After graduating in 2010 from Melbourne University, she worked across several practices in Melbourne and the Macedon Ranges.

Recently she's worked as a senior physio supervising and mentoring other physios, and offering her expertise to help with more complex clients.

Cathy is a great fit for our team at FLEX, with the same holistic approach to physio: thorough assessment, clear communication, restoring movement and solving the underlying issues with exercises and self management.  She's such a warm and friendly personality we know our clients will just love her.

Outside of work, she enjoys hiking, playing tennis, swimming and spending time with her little family.

Cathy works 4 days,  with Thursdays off.

Bec, Rachel, Bec and Anette


Super organised and friendly, and lots of coffee and laughs in between.

They are queens of multi-tasking, towel folding, tea making, settling babies, and finding extra, emergency appointment slots.  

They are worth their weight in gold.  And you might spot them in some of our classes and duo sessions - they're are some nice perks to the job!

Morgan North

Personal Trainer

Morgan is studying Exercise Physiology part time whilst juggling PT work, family life with 4 beautiful kids, her own fitness, and everything else in life!  

She has a particular interest in women's health through all seasons of life; pregnancy, post-partum and in the middle, silver and golden years.  She's enjoyed completing the "Body Beyond Baby" training course, and Nadia Norman's "Female Health and Performance" ongoing education.  It's really helped her adapt and modify her PT sessions to suit and safely challenge the female body.  

Morgan loves running, strength training and pilates reformer work, and originally came to FLEX as a client.  Our philosophies matched perfectly, so it was a natural fit to ask her to join the FLEX team.

We're really excited to offer fun, engaging and motivating PT sessions to our FLEX clients, with options to include pilates reformers, weights, spin bikes, treadmill, rehabilitative exercises or functional strengthening.

We encourage people to book a regular weekly slot to help build a sustainable routine and see the best benefits.

Morgan works with clients individually "Solo" sessions, as well as Duos and Trio sessions. It's so nice to hear to consistently hear her clients' feedback, they they feel encouraged, empowered and so much better with Morgan's kind approach.

Prior to FLEX, Morgan worked for 3 years as a personal trainer at various gyms around Hobart CBD and Kingston, offering 1:1 PT sessions, small group training, pump and spin classes.  

Morgan works 4 days; Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturday mornings.

Debora Fonseca

Massage Therapist

Debora is an Debora holds a Diploma of Remedial Massage and is a Member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists so clients can claim their remedial massages using private health insurance.

She naturally chooses a medium pressure, but definitely has some strength in those hands if you like a firm effective massage. As regular FLEX clients know, we only employ the best.

Debora works Wednesdays, Fridays (and Saturday mornings starting 2022).

Emma Sorbian

Oncology & Lymphoedema Physiotherapist

Stuart Nolan


His obvious passion for helping his clients, and his wealth of experience across both sports and spinal injuries, and post operative rehabilitation make him an asset to our team.  

He is seeing most of our knee, ankle and hip patients,

and loves sussing out shoulder issues too.

Stu is a keen multi-sport competitor, and loves helping sports people of all ages and levels of competition to achieve their goals and enjoy their sport.  This ranges from running biomechanics and injury rehabilitation to swimming, cycling and paddling.

He has competed in dragon boat racing for Australia, and has a particular interest in shoulder injuries, rehabilitation, and sorting out the tricky paddling related problems.  Stu is always keen to help paddlers, kayakers and dragon boat racers not only deal with and recover from an injuries, but also look at technique to prevent this occurring, especially around the shoulders and lower back.

Stu's broad experience shows in his manual therapy skills, holistic approach, and the many tips and tricks he has up his sleeve.  We love learning from him and sharing ideas as a team.

Stu has most recently been working in Coffs Harbour, and is enjoying settling into the Tassie lifestyle with his wife and son.

Stu works 4 days, with Wednesdays off.

Charlotte Blake


Charlotte has a broad range of experience, from developing exercise programs and rehabilitation for patients with cancer patients, hand therapy, cardiorespiratory physio, musculoskeletal and chronic pain!  She's got it covered!

Charlotte loves the way pilates makes you feel: flexible, strong and balanced! Her warmth and positive energy is definitely evident in her instructing style, as she encourages clients to challenge themselves each class, re-centering, energising and strengthening.

She is an avid bushwalker, gardener and rockclimber, as well as enjoying yoga and cycling in her spare time.  

She loves to treat with a holistic focus on integrating the biomechanical issues with explaining how pain works, so her patients feel empowered to understand and help themselves.

At FLEX we are excited to have Charlotte on board, her passion, and experience are an asset to our clients, and she's always got a smile on her face and a bounce in her step to brighten your day.

Charlotte works Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday mornings.

Karrie Malan

Physiotherapist & Owner

After working for 13 years as a physio in private practices, her passion and enthusiasm for her work and helping her clients has only grown, and you can see the buzz she gets out of seeing them improve, and also reviewing more complex patient presentations with her physio colleagues and coming up with a plan together.

Karrie’s special interest areas include neck and shoulder pain, hip and lumbar issues.  These areas lend themselves to the art of observing, analysing and retraining movement patterns, where she incorporates her expertise in Clinical Pilates and exercise therapy, which she balances with hands on skills, including dry needling.  In the past few years she has particularly enjoying seeing "2nd opinion" clients to find the root cause of persistent issues.

Karrie is a Watson Headache®Certified Practitioner, having completed levels 1, 2 and 3 over the past 2 years.  She is excited about the seeing the effectiveness of treating both headaches and migraines using a unique and research based approach - the Watson Headache® Approach.  

There can be a large interplay between neck pain, posture, shoulder pain and arm pain.  Karrie enjoys the challenge of teasing out these injuries, and addressing each aspect of the problem step by step.  Combining thorough shoulder assessment with neurodynamic testing and exercise therapy means she can help track and explain symptoms that extend up into your neck or down into your arm, wrist or hand.

Similarly, hip pain, lower back pain and groin pain can sometimes become a complex picture to assess or treat as a physio.  She believes that understanding and explaining to patients how these puzzle pieces fit together empowers them to start changing habits and solving the underlying issues that are causing the pain.

With a keen interest in recreational running herself, Karrie really enjoys analysing and improving running technique and treating running related injuries, and she does most of our Running Screenings at FLEX.

Having worked in sports focused practices, alongside bootcamps, football and netball teams, Karrie enjoys the fast paced, decision driven world of sports physio, returning clients to sport quickly, and allowing them to play at their best.  

As an ex dancer herself, and with extra physio training in this area, Karrie treats many dancers.  She does our Pre-Pointe Dancing Screenings and understands the specific challenges that dancers face with their injuries.

She's also a bit of a nerd, attending lots of professional development courses, and reading physiotherapy journal articles . . . for fun.  

Karrie works part time as she juggles the joys (and challenges) of parenting  Jamie and Amelie.  She enjoys being outdoors, running, bushwalking, netball, pilates and keeping fit in her "spare" time.  

Karrie works 4 days, with Wednesdays off.

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