Clinical Pilates Reformer Sessions & Matwork Classes

Pilates reformers can be a great rehab tool, safely challenging muscles whilst offering less joint loading than traditional strength exercises. Matwork pilates classes are set and closely supervised by our Physiotherapists to allow technique correction and individualisation.

FLEXercise Clinical Exercise Classes Are:

  • Supervised and instructed by APPI pilates trained Physiotherapists
  • Limited to 6 participants per class for close supervision and social distancing
  • Suitable for injured and uninjured clients
  • Using affordable, portable exercise equipment you can buy and use at home independently
  • Conveniently close to the CBD for busy people
  • Affordable and covered by Private Health Insurance, leaving little out of pocket expense
  • Tailored to the needs and goals of the participants due to our Pilates Screenings

We use a variety of pilates equipment such as fitballs, pilates rings, resistance theraband, foam rollers and wobblediscs to add interest, and challenge core stability and movement control.

Clinical Pilates Reformer Sessions & Matwork Classes

Pilates at FLEX will help you:

  • Develop a stronger tummy, lower back, buttocks and shoulder muscles
  • Improve your posture and flexibility
  • Release tension with the body and breath awareness
  • Master better body control, to move efficiently from a strong core
  • Recover from an injury, or reduce injury risk via improved posture and movement patterns

FLEX Mat Pilates Class Timetable 2022


12:15pm - Karrie          


5:30pm - Charlotte  

12:15pm - Karrie
5:30pm - Karrie

9:30am - Charlotte    
5:30pm - Charlotte  

9:30am - Charlotte
12:15pm - Karrie

8:30am - Charlotte/Karrie alternate weeks

Online bookings available for all classes, as well as Personal Training and Reformer Solo Sessions.

Please note late cancellations with < 24hrs notice will be charged a $20 fee.

Clinical Pilates Reformer Sessions & Matwork Classes

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