Clinical Pilates at FLEX

FLEX Health Therapy provides individualised Pilates SOLO and TRIO Reformer Sessions to tackle your issues at your level. Set in consultation with your Physiotherapist, this is a safe way to combine injury rehab and general wellbeing - feel fit, strong and energised!

Exercise really is medicine for both the body and mind.

We understand that it can be hard to stay motivated with exercise and injury rehab, so we’ve made Pilates really affordable to encourage FLEX clients to be proactive and targeted, to stay active, strong and feel great!

Sessions are individualised, and set in consultation with your Physio so they can target and rehabilitate your issues, challenging you safely to address your issues.  

Classes are set with exercises at different levels so that everybody can participate safely, feel challenged, and succeed.

Our Pilates Instructors hold diploma level qualifications and are highly experienced, so please ask questions if you're unsure about anything - they always have an option up their sleeve.

Clinical Pilates at FLEX

Pilates SOLO and TRIO Reformer Sessions at FLEX include:  

  • Physio rehab exercises (particularly reformer or tricky home exercises)
  • Mobility and stretching as relevant to your body - especially spinal and hip mobility
  • Targetted gluteal, abdominal and shoulder exercises with cueing for learning good technique
  • SOLO Sessions are available for 30mins and 40mins, and may also include Wunda Chair repertoire and ladder work.
  • SOLOs & TRIOs may also sometimes include jumpboard jumping and hopping exercises for the relevant clients - especially those returning to running sports.

We encourage people to book a regular weekly slot for at least 6 weeks to help build a sustainable routine and see the best benefits.

We encourage clients to find a sustainable routine - perhaps a combination of weekly Reformer SOLO or TRIO sessions, MAT pilates classes, as well as their own home exercises - that way we can help you get back on track.

Clinical Pilates at FLEX

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