Pilates Instructors

Jo Behrens

Pilates Instructor

Jo offers calm, flowing sessions and classes with individualised attention modifications to challenge your body.

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Jo is an experienced pilates instructor who is well known for her precise instruction, great cueing, and flowing choreography. Her warmth and kindness shines through as she encourages her clients to challenge their bodies.

Jo works closely with our Physiotherapists to devise a program that targets your specific issues, and safely challenges you to improve how you feel in your body - stronger, more flexible, more confident. Jo has a special knack for adding little modifications to add variety and flow.

Jo has a particular interest in helping people to age well.  She is here to help you move smoothly, and wants you to feel comfortable no matter your age, fitness or ability level. She really enjoys working one-to-one and in small groups so she can offer individual attention.

When she's not here at FLEX, you'll find her in her teaching role, training others to become pilates instructors!

Jo takes our early bird TRIO sessions, reformer SOLOs and DUOs, as well as some Pilates Matwork classes.

Jo works at FLEX Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursday and Saturday mornings, as well as a sneaky TRIO & MAT on a Weednesday evening ;) 

Yanny Tjiong

Pilates Instructor

Yanny's always smiling, joking and challenging your body with some fun moves. Her sunny disposition and positive energy flows through each of her classes to encourage her clients.

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Welcoming Yanny, who has joined the team at FLEX as a Pilates Instructor!

Yanny fell in love with Pilates back in 2012, and completed her Pilates Diploma with Polestar, covering Mat, Reformer and Studio comprehensively.

Yanny’s positive attitude and sunshine energy are absolutely contagious, and her wicked sense of humour makes her pilates sessions really fun, always leaving her clients smiling and wanting more.

Yanny’s background as a Group Fitness Instructor also makes her versatile, and she loves using various fitness props to challenge or assist her clients.

Yanny takes SOLO Sessions, TRIOs and MAT classes, and you can feel her experience shine through as she layers up exercises to modify or "level up" exercises for each client. Yes, she'll always offer a challenge, but she's just as skilled at offering alternatives that feel comfortable and safe for patients rehabbing injuries.

Yanny works Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings, and Tuesday afternoons.

She'll also cover a few extra classes here and there for others - we just can't get enough of sunshine gal Yanny!

Fi Poke

Pilates Instructor

Pilates Instructor

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Fi is an experience pilates instructor

Henry Rheinberger

Pilates Instructor

Henry is a dynamic and nurturing pilates instructor who will keep you feeling good and working hard. His dance background and strength training combine to make each session challenging and flowy.

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Henry is a dynamic and nurturing pilates instructor who will keep you feeling good and working hard. He discovered his love of pilates when recovering from a significant dancing injury, and his passion continues to be evident every day. As a dancer and dance teacher, he loves helping dancers with technique, strength and precision, and this attention to detail flows through to each client. Henry has a beautiful way of connecting with a wide array of clients, and particularly loves working with the "silvery haired crew". Henry has a wealth of experience in other pilates studios (and worked with Jo previously - oh so Hobart!) and has also previously worked for a Physiotherapy practice interstate, so is already really proficient with making modifications for rehabilitation, and individualised sessions fr those with niggles or an injury.

Henry works Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings, and is our go to guy for filling in on other days so you can keep your routine.

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