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Welcome to FLEX Health Therapy

Our approach at FLEX is to find and address the underlying issues, and then empower you to understand and improve your body.

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Meet The FLEX Team

Our dynamic team of physiotherapists have a wide range of expertise and experience.

We are looking for a Physiotherapist to join our team!

Ideally part time.

Experience in pilates and exercise rehabilitation is valuable, and strong hands on skills, plus a willingness to continue learning.

If you're interested in finding out more, please contact Karrie at FLEX, and send through your resume.

We have a strong emphasis on continuing professional development, mentoring our staff, and learning together so we can enjoy the satisfaction of helping our clients to the best of our ability.

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Physiotherapy at FLEX

At FLEX our top quality, up to date Physiotherapists can help you with a wide range of injuries.

Our physios take the time for a thorough assessment, looking carefully not just at your region of pain or symptoms, but also above, below and beyond to find and address the underlying causes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

COVID 19 Update

We have extra covid-19 related protocols in place to keep everyone safe.

Our staff are all fully vaccinated, and we appreciate your compliance with checking in and sanitising every time you visit.

Arrival Time

For new clients, please arrive 5-10mins before the scheduled appointment, so you can fill out some important paperwork that helps us use your consult time most effectively. Our therapists aim to run on time wherever possible, so please ensure you are on time or a few minutes early.  

If you are late to an appointment, we are not able to extend the appointment as it is not fair to the next client.


We only require GP referrals for:

  • Workers Compensation claims
  • MAIB (car accidents covered by insurance)
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)
  • Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) patients
  • All other clients are welcome to book online (45min Initial) or call and make an appointment without a referral.
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Latest Articles and Updates

Ankle Sprain

Ankle Sprain


Apr 1, 2021

The ligaments of the ankle joint provide stability by limiting the amount of side to side movement. Ankle sprains occur when one or more of the ligaments become overstretched or torn.

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Shoulder Impingement Pain Rotator Cuff Injuries Subacromial Bursitis

Shoulder Impingement Pain Rotator Cuff Injuries Subacromial Bursitis


Mar 5, 2021

Shoulder impingement pain occurs when structures are pinched in the subacromial space, between the ball of the shoulder joint, and the shelf of bone above. The pain is usually worse when the arm is lifted to or above shoulder level, and sometimes when the shoulder is rotated.

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Shin Splints & Shin Pain

Shin Splints & Shin Pain


Mar 3, 2021

“Shin Splints” is a common but non-specific term for pain in the shin region. Shin pain can be due to several different conditions, most commonly medial tibial stress syndrome, and several other conditions.

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FLEX Health Therapy in Hobart provides exceptional Physiotherapy, including assessment and diagnosis, effective hands on therapy, and targeted exercise rehabilitation, looking after you from top to toe.